Security Printing

Zara Zaman Technology Ltd. is equipped with high configured automatic machines and experienced personnel who ensure that the finishing results are in sync with the client’s requirements. A great deal of attention is laid on the ‘finished’ product by our exceptionally skilled manpower who gives attention-to-detail.
MICR Encoding Machine
Inotech Systems Ltd. was formed over twenty seven years ago and specializes in the design and manufacture of impact MICR technology for the security printing industry.
The Inotech models IE144 provide computer controlled high speed MICR and numbering solutions for continuous fanfold or reel fed applications and can be linked to a variety of non-impact personalization engines in an off-line or on-line configuration.
The IE series MICR/OCR contiguous printers are available with PC-Based controllers with versatile software to handle many encoding and numbering applications and also two printers can be linked together to provide a full personalization system.

Cheque Personalize Unit
Printronix is a leader in business-critical printing solutions, offering the most-trusted selection of ultra-reliable printers, services, supplies and parts for environments demanding top reliability and secure printing quality.

Security Paper
Security printing is the field of printing industry that involves in the printing of secure valuable documents that requires sensitive attention and protection against forgeries. Such documents come as Postage stamps, Bank Checks, Certificate, Bonds, Stock Certificates, National ID, National Secret Documents, Vouchers, Event Tickets and Contract documents. The main purpose of security printing is to protect customer’s valuable documents from being forged and counterfeited by means of technical and intricate methods.

ZZTL use the best certified security papers from international branded paper manufacturer,” J. Vilaseca, S.A.”. With the development of high tech computers, scanners and printers now available to the general public, it is becoming easier for forgers to duplicate and forge important valuable documents accurately. J. Vilaseca, S.A. has always based its product strategy on superb quality and constant innovation, reinforcing the R&D department in order to satisfy the needs of its clients, adapting to the changes and trends of the market. Its endeavor to do so accounts for its success and reputation in the market.

ZZTL offer another solution from Tullis Russell, United Kingdom. The story behind Tullis Russell is what makes them different and, they believe, better. They are a progressive, independent company over 200 years old, trusted by generations of customers, brands and suppliers across the world with over 200 years of history behind them their sights are fixed on the next 200 years and beyond. Ownership structure lets them take a long-term view without the short-term pressures often imposed by external shareholders. This is reassuring for their customers, suppliers and employees. It means Tullis Russell can plan for the future, think beyond their own business and consider their wider responsibilities, allowing Tullis to take on projects such as their Tullis Russell Environmental Education Centre (TREE) and our Biomass project, which will reduce our carbon emissions by 72% once fully operational in 2013.