Smart Teller Machine


I64A is an intelligent banking terminal designed to ensure easy and seamless migration of multiple banking counter businesses to customer self-service, assisted self-service and remote assistance channels. I64A enables migration of complex counter services and customized financial consulting services to the self-service terminals increasing the efficiency of the counter business, optimizing user experience and cutting operational costs.

Versatile functionalities:
Providing a one-stop business processing platform for customers, satisfy comprehensive business needs such as account opening, card dispensing, contract signing, consultation, etc.

Counter business migration:
I64A ensures easy and seamless migration of complex counter services to self-service, assisted self-service and remote service channel, providing new real-time collaborative customer interaction model.

Flexible application deployment scenarios
I64A is easy to be deployed in the branch lobby and 24h service zone as an effective way to expand the banking service channels.

Controlling Unit ·Intel® Core™ i3 CPU; 4G DDR3; 500G SATA HDD; TCP/IP interface
·Windows® 7/10
Interaction Unit ·Display:
-19” capacitive display (multi-point touch), 5:4 LCD
-21.5” video display (opt.)
·Video conferencing unit:
-Video camera
-Audio speaker
-Private handset
·Electromagnetic pressure sensing pen
Customer Interfaces ·Keypad:
-Tactile 4*4 stainless steel keypad
-PCI compliant EPP
·Card reader/dispenser:
-Motorized card reader
-Contactless smart card reader (opt.)
-EMV 4.0 Level 1 compliant
-IC/Magnetic card dispenser
-Card dispenser capacity: max. 160x3 pcs
-Retract card capacity: max. 18x3 pcs
-Card return on power failure
·Receipt printer:
-80mm graphical thermal printer
-Capture and retract function
·Barcode reader:
-Support barcode & QR code
·Biometric unit:
-Optical fingerprint reader (opt.)
-Finger vein reader (opt.)
-Face recognition
·Proximity detector (opt.)
·Token dispenser (opt.)
Document Processing Unit ·ID card scanner (opt.)
·A4 document printer (opt.)
·A4 color document scanner (opt.)
Banknote Processing Unit (opt.) ·Deposit/dispense speed: 8 notes per second
·Up to 4 recycling cassettes and 1 acceptance cassette
·Cassette capacity:
-Recycling cassette capacity: max. 3,350 notes*
-Acceptance cassette capacity: max. 2,000 notes*
·ECB Article 6 compliant
Working Environment ·Temperature: 32℉(0℃) to 104℉(40℃)
·Relative humidity: 20% to 95% non-condensing
*The actual capacity is subject to the thickness and fitness of local currency.