Switching Solutions

SmartVista Solutions

The way banks are evolving faster than ever with changes in regulation and the rise of startups. Financial institutions no longer set industry standards; rather customers do, inspired by the way they shop, learn or share things online. BPC has realised that they must rethink processes and transactions from the customer’s perspective and use that knowledge to help financial institutions create relevant digital experiences.
BPC has designed SmartVista as a customer-centric banking platform to help financial institutions choose their path - whether it is a tier 1 bank transforming to remain relevant; a fintech launching a neobank with a new value proposition; or a micro-finance institution looking to include the financially excluded. Banking for all.

SmartVista has been designed with evolving shoppers in mind, ensuring acquirers can provide future-ready, end-to-end digital payment solutions. Offering the widest reach, security, flexibility and value from a single platform is no longer an exception thanks to BPC’s SmartVista. Deployed on premise, as a service or as a modular payment managed service, banks, PSPs and merchants can focus on building customer relations while digital payment completion, compliance and security are taken care of.

Mobility has become an important part of an equation in the business and consumer environment. The increase in digitalization drives demand for speed, seamlessness and comfort. Getting from point A to point B across the city optimally and without friction was a basic need for commuters. And it does not apply only to public transport, but for personal cards, corporate and trade transports, city attractions and even supermarkets. The idea of buying, distributing, processing a ticket has started to redefine, moving from early adopters, which became so called light-house cities to followers.

FEEL Switch

ZZTL also offer the ATM switch solution. GRG FEEL Switch is an integrated switching system that provides all aspects of the issuing and acquiring business. The system responsible for transaction routing, card issuance, ATM device and POS terminal management, network control, settlement, reconciliation and card management. FEEL Switch provides for bank with the high-performance and top application solution to deliver service through multi-channel. Focuses on “Switching”: Supports multi-vendor ATM/POS/Kiosk, Provides full interface to international payment networks: VISA, MasterCard, CUP, Domestic Card Payment, Accurate transaction routing, Effective data switching, Comprehensive Event Trace, Housekeeper of data backup and clean, Good Expansion of dynamic Script Embed, Value-added Business Support, 7x24 Service, Flexible & Scalable.